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Hotel General Managers Certificate

  • 24Weeks
  • 27Steps
Get a certificate by completing the program.


"Minimum 4 years experience in managerial level or higher needed as in the certificate will mention that the student admitted having experiences minimum 4 years experienced in hospitality in managerial level or higher as the condition to consider the certificate valid and have passed the study examination. " The article outlines various aspects of hotel management and leadership, divided into several sections: 1. Description: Provides an overview of the content covered in the article. 2. Managing Hotel Operation: Covers topics such as the overview of hotel operations, qualities of a successful hotel general manager, and maintaining positive relationships with hotel owners. Includes related videos and a multiple-choice quiz. 3. Leadership of Hotel General Manager: Explores the art of hotel leadership, different leadership styles for hotel general managers, and handling guest incidents. Features videos and a quiz. 4. Room Division for General Manager: Discusses front office and housekeeping management for general managers, along with related tips and a quiz. 5. Hotel Sales Marketing for General Manager: Addresses leading sales and marketing teams, providing tips for general managers, and includes a quiz. 6. Hotel Finance for General Manager: Covers profit and loss management, financial reporting, and controlling hotel assets. Also includes videos and a quiz. 7. Mastering Hotel Human Resource Management: Focuses on essential human resource management skills for general managers, important operational points, and a quiz. Each section provides valuable insights and resources to enhance the skills and knowledge of hotel general managers in various aspects of their roles.

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