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Education Degree based on experiences, No study and No Exam in Hospitality Subject and others


Legal study degree based on working experience from French government registered institution.  

Europe Hotel School collaborates with one of the French Higher Education institutions to offer a degree based on working experience. It is a legal degree and can be legalized by the French government and any French embassy.

The Institution is a nonprofit Private Higher Education Establishment, is authorized to confer degrees, accordance with Article L 731-14 of the French Education Code following the "délibération du Jury de VAE." This process is aligned with the French Law of January 17, 2002.



For the respective degrees:









6 years of work experience or completion of one year of University studies + 3 years of work experience.


6 years of professional experience after the Master, 12 years after a Bachelor and 21 years if you have no higher education diploma.


The total of University studies (Regular or/and through the work experience formula) should be 3 years.

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

The total of University studies (regular or through the work experience formula) should be 8 years minimum.

M.A and MBA

The total of University studies (Regular or/and through the work experience formula) should be 5 Years.

Post Doctoral Degree

For Doctorate  degree holders 8 (or equivalent) having done research


Fill out the form and attach experience documents, including any certificates if available.


The Institution will directly contact the student after paying the nonrefundable registration fee of 50 Euros to be paid to Europe Hotel School London


A decision will be made within 20 days. If accepted, the student will then pay 600 Euros.


Diplomas will be sent electronically outside the EU/Europe.


We accept documents such as Certificate of Employment, Salary stubs, affidavits, publications, newspaper articles, affidavits from co-workers, etc., which document work experience.


All of these documents should be in either French or English, or translated into one of these two languages. Additionally, copies of diplomas or transcripts from previous studies (if available) are required. Accepted formats include Word, PDF, and JPG.

After payment of the registration fee, all communication will be directly with the institution.

You will be informed of the institution's name after sending all related documents and making the registration fee 50 Euros to proceed the evaluation. The institution will then contact the student directly.


Send us documents.

Please submit the document along with a non-refundable 50 Euros fee for qualification evaluation. The results will be provided within 20 days. If accepted for the degree, the student will pay a fee of 600 Euros directly to the University, and all the processes will be handled directly by the university.

Upload File
Applying Degree

Thanks for submitting, The Institution will contact you soon.!

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