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Please tell me about the school.

Location: 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.

Registration: Europe Hotel School is operated by Cambridge Hospitality LTD, London, United Kingdom, with registration number 14997176, and VAT registration number 452 2702 18. Europe Hotel School's trademark registration under Cambridge Hospitality LTD is No. UK00003966509.

What is an online school?
An online school allows you to study anytime and anywhere you want. For the Manager Certificate program, you must complete it within a maximum duration of 16 weeks, and for the General Manager program, within 24 weeks. You can complete it as quickly as you can, as long as you pass all the quizzes for each subject of the course.

What language is used for studying?
You can study in almost any language globally. You may check the top bar, and usually, it will change to the language of the country where you are currently living.

When do exams or quizzes start, and can I retake them if I fail?
At the end of each subject, there is an exam or quiz, and if you fail, you can retake it frequently.

When will I receive the certificate?
You will receive the digital certificate automatically sent to your email once you complete all the studies and exams.

How do I start?
Select the course , click "join," and make the payment. You can then start your online learning.

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